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10 Tips to Keeping your Teen Safe on the Road

Date Added: April 19, 2011 11:20:27 PM
Author: Tony Giannin
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

10 Tips for Safe Teen Drivers “Keeping your Teenager Safe on the Road” by: Tony Giannini Grade A Driving Academy 1. Be a good role model! Since babies, kids have mimicked what they see. Since you as the parent are what they see most of the time, it is important to do the right things ourselves and hope that our kids will also do the same. If you text or talk on the phone yourself, rest assured that your kids will most likely do the same. 2. Find a really good driving program. Let the pros do it. It’s tough to work with family, teach those that are closest to us. It’s a shame that’s its that way, but so true. Find a good driving school with experienced and patient instructors to do the job for you. Your teenager will most likely listen to them before they would listen to you. 3. Sit down and come up with rules you as the parent expect from your teen driver. We always say “we make the rules” don’t we? Well, it’s true. Stick with it. Sit down, go over what you expect from them and what you will not tolerate. It’s far to easy for a new teen driver to get distracted and feel that sense of freedom that comes with driving. Sometimes it can lead to some pretty severe outcomes if we don’t get more involved with our kids when it comes to rules of the road and what the we expect. 4. Cell phones are a huge problem with drivers in this day and age. The ease that comes with it often times makes it to tempting to just participate in it while we are behind the wheel. Make this a strong issue with your teens. It may just save their lives. 5. Looking back at how I was when I was a teen and still seeing all that goes on in a teens life today, sleep becomes an issue when getting behind the wheel of a car is involved. Make sure that your teenager is getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep is often compared to drinking and driving when you look at the effects it has on how one drives a vehicle. 6. Make sure you teenager has a decent car to drive. I know times are tough, and we can’t all go out and buy new cars. But buying a piece of junk just because we need a car can sometimes put us into a bad position. Get AAA and make sure your teen knows how to use the service. Also, teach them to change a tire! 7. Get a navigation system. Today, it’s almost impossible to get lost. With the use of Garmin, you can program a location your not sure of, and get their with ease and comfort. Make sure when traveling, have a route planned out, and know where you are going. 8. Don’t be afraid to show your kids some videos that will shock them, and maybe even rattle them a bit. Some of these videos on what can happen while texting and driving can really hit home and offer a much different outlook on what could happen if they participate in this type of behavior. 9. You don’t want to be using your cell phone while driving, but you do want to have one with you. Make sure to put an extra car charger in the glove box for them. They will most likely not think of it. You never know when your going to have an emergency, and a charged phone is a must. 10. Tell your kids how much you truly love and care for them. Let them know your worries and fears, be sincere and honest. They don’t yet understand whats it’s like to be on the road, and all of the dangerous positions they could find themselves in. Thank you and I hope this helps in some small way. Tony Grade A Driving Academy South Jersey Driving Schools
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