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Android maintains the lead over Apple and Windows

Date Added: March 12, 2011 05:25:52 AM
Author: wanarua
Category: Computers and Internet

Latest indicates that Android’s applications store has grown to 150,000; from 50,000 just a year ago but Apple, however, has 350,000 applications. This is an indication that balance of power could be shifting from Apple to Google’s Android platform. According to the data available and in my possession daily user activity on Android applications store is more than double its level on iOS in practically every measure. The latest figures for smartphone usage reveal that the new Windows Phone 7 platform has not halted Microsoft’s decline in the category. Data shows a 1.7 per cent fall in Microsoft's share, from 9.7 per cent to 8 per cent in the three months ending in January 2011. Google’s Android operating system rose by 7.7 per cent and Apple’s iOS platform showed a 0.1 per cent increase. BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion showed a decline in line with recent trends, from 35.8 per cent to 30.4 per cent. The new figures are the first to include the period when it was on sale, and indicate that customers are continuing to leave Microsoft in favor of other operating systems, despite the new software. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software was launched at the end of October in Europe and Asia, and at the beginning of November in North America. However, Microsoft’s deal with Nokia may stem that tide. It is evident for all to see that Microsoft has so far been disappointed with sales and consumer impressions of WP7 despite recently announced updates for the platform. As one of the unfortunate buyers of a Windows 7 phone, tech journalist Mustafa Ziraba knows how it is to continue supporting MS on this platform. He can't even get the TAG reader to work, it randomly changes settings and simple actions are generally unreliable. Dealing with Zune for any downloads is an entire misery project in itself. Calls dropping at an unacceptable rate even after replacing the SIM is another nightmare affecting the users of windows 7 like Robert Fraser of MOCE (www.moce.mobi).As for Mustafa Ziraba he has wasted money and he has learned a lesson. For apple lovers like me we don’t count out the big boys yet but Microsoft’s problem is that they are so big they tend to galoomph through product launches and development like was the case in mobile world congress in Barcelona but the marriage with Nokia is a smart move. One thing I agree with Windows fan boy Ziraba is that nothing is amiss with the software and no doubt it’s cooler than apple by far. However, its image is most definitely not and in this shallow world image, market and perception is everything and the PR machinery at MS should be ashamed because Windows Operating system is far superior to android and OS. Being owner of several Macs and PCs, I use both Windows 7 and OSX most of the time and i develop in C# using the XNA framework because it works and is easy to pick up and do some pretty powerful things with it. I tried picking up Objective C which is very ugly and inferior language in my opinion. And the support and tutorials for iPhone development seems to be far inferior to what Microsoft offer also. In summary it’s good to go with whoever offers me the best solution, and in my opinion it's Microsoft. Despite the fall on one side, Microsoft’s Visual Studio is still the king of the development tools available to mobile developers. Websites and applications written in VS can run on Phone7, SharePoint, Silverlight and can be propelled into the Cloud. Andriod’s and Apple’s toolkits are still juvenile, and worse, Adobe Flash Studio, which is like programming a computer with boxing gloves on. www.wanarua.com http://facebook.com/ContadorWanarua
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