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Are Teens Brain Damaged?

Date Added: December 24, 2010 10:35:48 PM
Author: Joseph
Category: Computers and Internet: Discussion Forums: Teens and Young Adults

Research tells us that the human personality and attitudes are already in place by the age of seven. Uh duh--you think? If you are the parent of a teen, or not, you have to wonder about that theory, that teens even have an individual personality is in question--however attitude they have plenty of. As parents we were all teens at some time, but when it comes to our own teen we get brain fade--we forget what we were like. And our teenagers believe we were born at the age we are at now, no way we were ever teens--in their minds we just don't get it, we do not understand them. Remember when you hid behind the clubhouse or at the party guzzling Lemon Gin. Was your purpose to get stinking drunk or to enjoy a cocktail? Of course you could not even spell marijuana, could you? Yes but, times are different now you say--are they? Did your teenager ever ask you about your early life? Did you take the fifth or just lie. And dad, you, the guy now In charge of protecting your teenage daughter--how many fathers discouraged their daughters from dating you? Maybe give the geek with the crooked cap and the three pounds of poop dragging down his pants the benefit of the doubt--then again. You hear that teens are under a lot of peer pressure--so who is the head peer? Who is the one that started the peer pressure to begin with? Someone has to be the first peer to start applying pressure so that all of the others can succumb to it. Find that damn peer and all of your peer pressure problems are over. Are they like lemmings--do they all get the idea at the same time. Now that is scary, no leader just peer pressure. Like some invisible force--"the force Luke." TV, that's it, they all watch the same program at the same time and get the same idea at the same time and are peer pressured at the same time--well someone has to take the blame, TV is always a good scape goat. Of course many parents are so preoccupied with their own lives they forget they even have teenagers. One day dad walks by Walter who has rings hanging from multiple holes in his body, does a double take, runs to the wife and asks, "who the hell was that freak?"  "That was your son dear." "I have a son?" "And a daughter too." "That carnival with the orange hair and black-knit leotards I just passed in the hall?" "Yes dear." "Aaaargh." Yes, you may have a teenager, and of course you have the world's sympathies. Sometimes they seem as dumb as a mud fence--but they are really dumb like a fox. Your beer seems to be constantly disappearing from the fridge. You confront Walter, he appears to get momentary brain fade and then squeals on his sister. You confront the circus act with the black eye shadow and spiked orange hair that claims to be your daughter--she swears Walter did it, checkmate. Truth is they are both stealing your beer. Remember when you were a teen, they lie like a rug? Notice that they run in packs. If we observe a group of teenagers hanging out we see that they are all the same, they dress the same, they talk the same, they do the same things together, they walk (the males sort of shuffle), the same and they all seem to be from another planet when it comes to their surroundings. Here's a tip, if you want a teen to not do something like drink, smoke or do pot--do not tell them not to do it, that is a challenge. Lead by example--hide your booze, cigs and joints so they think you are pure. Maybe not such a good idea after all, they will likely find your stash, follow your example, and hide theirs more cleverly. Ask a teen any question that does not relate to iphones, music, texting, video games, computing or television--and yes, you will get that spaced out look and an uh-duh. That is one of the reasons we think they may be brain damaged. Of course overdosing on Rap music can damage pretty much any brain. Didn't someone once say the same thing about Rock and Roll, oh oh. Maybe your teenager's behavior is your fault after all. Author: Joseph N. Kolton is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, humorist, closet philosopher and the founder of myPhotoLottery.com and PhotoBrainiac.com. For fun and cash prizes visit http://www.myphotolottery.com/teen.html
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