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Centrifugal Blowers Fans

Date Added: November 09, 2012 03:57:54 PM
Author: Oleg Tchetchel
Category: Business & Economy

Centrifugal blower fans are categorized by their wheel / blade shapes. These would include: * Forwardly curved * Backwardly Inclined * Backwardly curved * Airfoil * Radial * Radial Tip * Single or double width wheels Centrifugal fans employ the use of a rotating impeller to increase the speed of an air stream. The centrifugal speed increases as the air stream reaches the ends of the nyb fan blades and is then converted to pressure. These nyb fans are able to produce high pressures, making them suitable for harsh operating conditions, such as: - Systems with high temperatures - Moist or dirty air streams - Material handling/conveying Buffalo Blower Co. implements high pressure nyb blowers in applications for a broad array of industries. High pressure blowers are utilized for functions such as: - Agitation and aeration - Product cooling and drying - Air Conveying - Supplying combustion air to furnaces and ovens - Air Exhaust - Transporting solid materials - Gas boosting and compression Buffalo Blower Co. engineers the best high pressure fans / nyb regenerative blowers. Their features include: + Viton shaft seals + Regreasable blower end bearings + High temperature bearing lubricant + Straddle mounted impeller design + Class H motor insulation These features mean that regenerative blowers will provide longer service life provided the blower operates within its normal temperature rating and has the ability to handle higher peak / momentary overloads without failing. Multistage Blowers are built for rugged durability and peak performance in industrial applications. Vacuum exhaust nyb blowers features are: - Cast iron and fabricated casings standard - Aerodynamic cast aluminum impellers - Optional aluminum or stainless steel casings and impellers Positive Displacement Blower are pre-engineered rotary lobe blower packages with relief valve, silencer, unitary base and inlet filter. Some applications require high temperature fans, which can withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees F or higher. These high temperature fans are used for functions such as: Re-circulating air in high temperature areas such as kilns, dryers, ovens and furnaces. Exhausting gases and fumes from various industrial processes. Supplying air for heating and drying systems. Buffalo Blower Co. provide an excellent selection of standard high temperature fans, in addition to custom fans created specifically for customer applications. High heat fan configurations include: Non-insulated heavy duty nyb fans with a high heat option for temperatures as high as 600 degrees. Completely insulated housings for free-standing fans, with three, six, eight or more inches of insulation, per application requirements. For additional information please refer to http://www.buffaloblower.com/inquiry/index.html. Oleg Tchetchel Fan and Blower Design Specialist Buffalo Blower Co. buffaloblower@buffaloblower.com http://www.buffaloblower.com/axialfan/index.html http://www.buffaloblower.com/inlinefan/index.html
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