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Cyber Bullying is a Growing Concern

Date Added: May 03, 2012 11:04:18 AM
Author: Apryl Reno
Category: Business & Economy: Finance & Investment: Insurance

Now that school age children spend so much time on their computers, particularly on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, there has been a rise in reports of cyber bullying, from elementary school all the way up through the college years. What was once confined to the schoolyards now takes place where identities are no longer clear, but attacks, harassment and abuse is a daily occurrence among school-aged kids. Because this has become such a pressing issue, many state and local governments are proposing legislation requiring our schools to educate our children, grades 3 and up, on how to stay safe on the Internet. Cyber Bully Prevention Following are some helpful hints on how to go about stemming this tide of abuse: 1. Understand How Cyber Bullies Operate Like gangs, they tend to work in groups. A bully will enlist friends to target a person, hound, harass and attempt to embarrass that individual in any way possible. The will literally follow other children around, on social sites, in chat rooms, even sending disturbing text messages via cell phone. Anonymity is vital to their habits, but by finding the face behind the bullying, the chances of stopping them become much greater. 2. Block Them Anyway Possible If they are unable to contact their intended target they cannot attack, so blocking them from “friends lists” or changing settings so that email from them goes directly to a junk or trash mailbox is one means of discouraging their activities. Another handy way is to set site settings to “private” where this option is available, and a child or adult can always report them to the site administrator. 3. Get Help If The Problem Persists There is no reason not to involve parents, teachers, even the police if feeling threatened by other individuals. This is a real issue and can be emotionally devastating to a young person’s psyche. By talking to children a parent or teacher can often discover if others they may, or may not know, are victimizing them over the Internet. This behavior must be stopped before it becomes a serious problem. Most people never consider the fact that, even if they put Internet safety features on their own home computer, their children may still be at the risk of being cyber bullied when they using school or other people’s computers who do not have these protections in place. People should respect one another and if they are using the Internet to cause someone else to have fear or pain they should be stopped immediately. New York municipality insurance http://mhbinsurance.com/municipal/municipal-insurance/
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