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Delhi City of Many Hues

Date Added: February 14, 2012 12:56:29 PM
Author: rajkumarvia
Category: Science and Technology: Ecology

The Capital of India, the self-claimed World City is a bustling and dynamic metropolis. This is a city where the old jostles with the new; the powerful hold their court and where millions come in search of bread and butter. This historic city has been home to man- much before most western civilizations. Today it is a vibrant and arguably one of the most powerful cities of the world. Historic city Delhi has been inhabited since the second millennium BC. It lies next to river Yamuna and formed an important link in northwest India trade routes. Its geographical position made it important as a power seat. It is believed to be the site of Mahabharata’s Pandavas’ Capital, Indraprastha. The Delhi Sultanate was first established by Qutb-ud-din Aybak. Later a succession of invaders fought for and ruled the city before it was taken over by the Mughal dynasty that ruled Delhi for three centuries. After this came the East India Company, which briefly shifted the capital to Calcutta (Kolkata) before coming back to Delhi. The city has remained the Capital of India ever since. Its invaders and rulers left an indelible mark on the city – socially, culturally, and geographically. It has many monuments of historic interest dotting the city landscape. Many of these are protected sites. Some of these are unknown to even Delhiites. You can find about the old water wells at the city’s many baulis or visit the old crumbling havelis of Old City. Ruined palaces and forts sit next to busy traffic laden streets. Power seat From the Pandavas to the present, Delhi is the centre of power of one world’s greatest democracy. This is where the leaders of its many States and UTs meet and where the fate of this country is decided. As the Capital of India, Delhi is the address for the Indian government, its Parliament and many other powerful ministries and offices. It is in the power corridors of Delhi that netas make their fortune or where governments are dismissed. Power brokers and lobbyists abound. Since it is the political hub of the country, it is also the address for one of the most vibrant news media in the world. World city After the recently held Commonwealth Games, Delhi also lays claim to be a world city. While that may be disputed by some, few can argue that this is perhaps the best developed city in India. From wide roads, soaring flyovers and its open spaces, Delhi has some of the best infrastructure in India. It also has the metro, every Delhiites object of pride. However, it is plagued by traffic-clogged roads, seasonal water and electricity woes. A traveler to Delhi must always take into account the traffic when planning a journey. Cosmopolitan Delhi is a cosmopolitan city, even after taking into account a strong Punjabi influence. People from all over the country come here to earn their living, creating a vibrant cosmopolitan city. This is reflected in its culture. Delhi is a haven for the foodie. From its Mughal past, its settlers from other States and its mingling of people from across the globe, Delhi has something to offer every palate. As a historic or a cultural destination – no traveler to India can afford to miss Delhi. With its power politics and its ancient monuments, the story of Delhi is often the story of India.
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