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Do you know a few small coup about salt

Date Added: August 16, 2012 09:18:41 AM
Author: Pereira
Category: Recreation & Sports: Cooking

1.Smear the fish with salt, then wash with water, can remove the mucus of the fish. 2.Good fresh pineapple cut into the salt water for about more delicious. Eating sours oranges, adds some salt, and not so unpalatable. 3.Milk to put less salt. Not deteriorate. 4.Salt fried into vinegar. Vinegar is not moldy. 5.Cut fish, dipped in a little fine salt on the finger, can reduce the slimy and difficult to cut difficult. 6. To clean up the fish into the salt water soak for 10 to 15 minutes, then deep-fried steak is not fragile. 7.Some leaves with many bugs, easy to clean with water, such as 2% salt solution immersion, the dishes on the bug will float on water, easy to remove. 8.Is ready surface, the salt metabolic alkalosis steamed buns (500 grams hand, put five grams of salt), bread and white is fresh, nutritional destruction. 9 when the egg in hot water with salt, cooked in cold water a little dip, can be quickly stripped of the eggshell. 10 in the chopped radish, bitter gourd and other vegetables with a bitter or astringent taste plus a small amount of saline, filtered juice Zaichao, can reduce the bitter taste. 11.Cook spinach and other leafy greens, the leaves turn yellow, you can add a little salt, the leaves can be from yellow to green. 12.Do sweets, add accounts for the amount of sugar for 1% salt. The taste of the finished product will be more sweet. Pot Dessert, plus a few grains of salt, drinking it even more sweet. 13.Hot leftovers in the price plus a small amount of salt, can remove the odor rice. 14.Made good jellyfish skin, and sometimes eat, can be soaked in salt water, to prevent air-dried, no matter how the bubble, or chew. 15.Frozen chicken, fish, meat, etc. into a dilute brine thawing, not only faster thawing, and into the dish, fresh and delicious. 16.Cook tofu, if cooked too long, tofu will harden, lose the original flavor, advance Tim Salt, tofu does not harden, and the delicious and tasty. 17.Cook noodles in the soup, the first salt, noodles will not cook mushy, but the flavor better. 18.Steam leftovers, and new meals cooked, the taste is very different in order to clear the rice steam "smell, add a small teaspoon of salt in distilled water. So steamed out and just cooked meals taste as good. 19.Fish on stored in the refrigerator, often become too dry. Place froze in salt water to prevent dry. 20.Tofu, tofu skin, soy products contain beany flavor, salt open flooding drift, can remove the beany flavor, but also to make the tough white quality of the soy color. Hi,I am a game's gold farmer with 5 years of experience in a professional game gold studio.And i am so excited to expect the new online game The Secret World,lol,if you want to The Secret World gold, or need Buy The Secret World gold,please contact me,i can provide the cheap The Secret World gold,;) by the way,write article is one of my hobbies, I'd like to share some of my favorit!
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