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Document scanning service

Date Added: August 16, 2011 06:33:08 AM
Author: Jeremy Goins
Category: Business & Economy

One of the most challenging and beneficial tasks one can do when evaluating a product or service is a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis. It is also one of the most difficult since lots of assumptions need to be made and empirical evidence to support the analysis is hard to come by. However, that is simply not the case when performing an ROI analysis on Document Scanning solutions. So what makes Document Scanning solutions different in regards to ROI analysis? Well for one thing, everyone can understand the concept of a Document Scanning solution. We have all waited while somebody rifled through a filing cabinet looking for a contract, patient file, or some other document to no avail. I have personally spent countless hours looking for enterprise software license contracts which are more often lost than located. A lot of us have also had the pleasant experience of locating these same types of documents using an electronic Document Scanning solution. The documents are typically indexed by multiple criteria which make them very easy to locate. More and more Document Scanning solutions are also utilizing web based architectures which makes it easy for any individual or organization to access documents. All they need is a web browser, a user ID and a password. Since they are in an electronic (or digitized) format, they can be either printed or sent as attachments to emails. The next reason it is easy to do an ROI for Document Scanning solutions is that the criteria being measured can be easily quantified. Following are examples of these types of criteria: • Physical storage cabinets and the floor space required to house them are easily identified. One can also determine the cost of this space as part of office space or other building overhead, and we must also include the additional space that is required to store copies of these documents in a remote location. These remote locations also need to be remote enough so that they won’t be impacted by the same natural disaster that affected the primary site. • The cost of storing digitized versions of documents can also be easily quantified and compared to the hard copy approach. We have all benefited from the drastically reduced cost of electronic storage. Disk space is one of the best values in the world today and many Document Scanning solutions store documents indefinitely. It is also much easier to access electronically stored documents in remote locations should the primary storage location be affected by a natural or operational disaster. • People costs are also easy to compare between physically storing and accessing hard copies and electronic Document Scanning solutions. The comparison of scanning documents and physically filing them can be similar at low volumes but the cost of scanning can be reduced significantly when volumes are high. The cost associated with locating and accessing documents using a Document Scanning solution is significantly easier, faster and more cost effective. • Productivity gains should also be included in any ROI analysis of Document Scanning solutions. As with any other solution, the biggest savings are always related to people costs. Increased productivity associated with Document Scanning solutions can lower the number of people needed to perform the document storing and accessing process. Users can also access documents themselves rather than relying on members of the administrative staff. • Customer satisfaction is not always as easily quantified but we all know how important it is. It is also easy to understand how irate customers can become when important documents can’t be retrieved. One would be surprised how often Account Managers for high tech companies are forced to ask their customers to locate contracts for them since they can’t locate their own. Ouch! • Security is also an important factor when evaluating Document Scanning solutions. Hard copies of documents can be inappropriately accessed much easier than their electronic counterparts. That of course is predicated on the document accessing services having adequate security built in. Standards are in place for document storage security and it is easy to determine if a Document Scanning solution meets these standards. Document scanning solutions are becoming implemented widely across corporate America and the world. One reason for this widespread acceptance is the fact that ROI analysis can be easily conducted which justify the cost of implementation. I would strongly suggest that anyone evaluating the implementation of a Document Scanning solution to require each vendor to provide an ROI analysis for their solution. For more information : Document scanning services Dallas Document scan services
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