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DOT NET Development - Why DOT NET Programming Is Most Demanding Solution For Web Development

Date Added: May 30, 2012 09:12:03 AM
Author: Steve James
Category: Computers and Internet: Software

.Net Development Framework, a path-breaking innovation in Microsoft technologies, addresses annoying concerns of development, version control, maintenance, memory leakage, security, and deployment of web applications, allowing the .Net Developer community to easily and quickly churn out quality, reliable, robust, powerful, scalable, collaborative and secure web applications, seamlessly connecting enterprises, with its employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. .Net framework’s unparalleled interoperability, even for non-Windows platform is credited to SOAP and specifically suits web development. Built on CLR environment, it allows .Net developers to build code seamlessly, in any of the supported languages, including C, C++, C#, JAVA/ Ajax, jQuery, Silverlight, etc., ensuring consistency in the programming model. Resultant assembly output of a .Net based web application is cached and compiled specifically for the given configuration, greatly boosting application performance – a clear winner over other technologies! .Net enables developers, having access to a clean and efficient code structure, to deliver plethora of web-based applications, with virtually no developmental limitation. The library of reusable codes, components and DLLs in the same .Net framework allows .Net developers flexibility and freedom to access to thousands of classes with rich functionality including data access, XML, image generation, file upload, SMTP, amongst others. Net developers enjoy web forms to generate user interfaces, those support variety of server controls, business objects, web, wireless and mobile application toolkits, drastically reducing the time of development of web applications. .Net’s Visual Studio and other compatible third-party tools ensure simplification of run-time diagnostics, tracking, debugging and performance management. Less code, with just-in-time compilation, easy form submission and client authorisation, early binding, caching services and native optimisation ensure rapid development of web applications. Deployment is even easier, wherein the .Net framework itself locates and loads the necessary components as per the need of the application, ensuring availability of components, just-in-time, during execution. A great relief from the DLL mess! .Net’s inherent architecture provides for excellent scalability for enterprise web applications, while .Net framework ensures ease of maintenance of code and controls by separating the logic from the presentation layer. Maintenance of web applications developed on .Net is achieved through tweaking of configuration settings, with little new coding, making maintenance remarkably flexible, quicker and easier – substantially reducing the total cost of ownership, for enterprises, adopting the .Net technology. The .Net framework handles web-legacy integration with ease and its support of XML Service makes it ideal for the CLOUD and SaaS computing paradigms. The .Net framework works beautifully not just over traditional Windows OS, but through its .Net Compact Framework, also works over a range of smart devices including mobile and wireless devices, PDAs, enhanced televisions, retail POS registers, vending machines, etc. through integrated support for standards like HDML and WML. Adequate training, superb reference documentation, tutorials, rich and easy-to-use web tools and reliable end-user MSDN support has led to the abundance of Net developers, making adoption easy. Distributed .Net architecture, in collaboration with network security using standard connectivity protocols, allows .Net developers to establish ultra-secure, evidence-based, method-level security, preventing any abnormality, memory leakage or infinite looping, by detecting and destroying any illegality and re-initiating itself. Even the web hosting ecosystem provides excellent support to applications built on the .Net platform. Enterprises are concerned about ROI – business and operational benefits, improved customer experiences and payback. The demand for cutting-edge web technologies is swelling by the day, with enterprises vying with each other in laying hands on innovative, business friendly, efficient, scalable and secure web solutions for their businesses. Microsoft’s .Net development framework has ably and aptly positioned itself as the globally preferred technology to precisely meet the demands and trials of developing robust, high-performance web applications. http://www.vervesys.com/technology/microsoft-technologies/microsoft-net/
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