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Globe Maps Have Many Purposes

Date Added: January 25, 2011 08:13:47 AM
Author: Maxine Owens
Category: Shopping: Home and Garden: Interior

When you think about globes do questions enter your mind? Such as, what are globes made of? Why buy a globe in this day and time of internet technology. Are globes just for education purposes? Where can I purchase a globe map? What size do globes come in? Are all globe maps the same? Where would I put a globe? What are they called, globe map, earth globe, world globe, or just globe?   Over time globes have been made out of many materials. At first globes maps were mostly solid and made out of anything that would work such as glass, marble, wood, and metal. As they progressed they were hollow and could be strong or light material such as thin metal sheets, copper, tin, cast iron, & plaster. Over the past 70 years there has been some basic types of material used, which is fiberglass, cardboard, plastic and museum quality cast acrylic. The axis of the globe is often made of brass, plastic or finer materials. Lacquer can be used to strengthen it and keep it protected from finger prints or any liquids. The base of the globe can be made of solid bases or lighter materials. Globes have even been put on foil to cover chocolate candy. It takes creativity to make a globe map. In this day of internet technology it seems as if they might be obsolete. The main purpose of the use of globes has changed. The visual of the whole earth at your fingertips to touch and see how far away places are in a spherical form is still very interesting. Even to see a globe map on the wall in a flat form is also very interesting. If you use the internet and the service is out then this form is not an option at the time. If you can’t afford internet this is also true.  It can be nice to have a globe map to display as a piece of furniture or decoration for a room in modern or traditional forms. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and are designed for the desk, floor, and wall. Globe maps will always be educational even though they are not just for education purposes. A globe can be used as an art piece when it is a sculpture or in a museum. To use globes in the business environment creates education and decorative images. When used in a home it can be modern, traditional, a vase, a bowl for ice or drink, terrarium, candy covered globes, a beach ball, a piece of furniture, a decoration for a table top, and educational at the same time. When a globe map is in a classroom it is viewed as educational first and even looks natural in this setting. There are endless uses.   If searching for a globe on the internet a more specific search is needed because of the word globe being related to lighting, theaters, magazines, and more. Choosing the word to add is an individual preference and can be found in many ways during an internet search. The internet is a popular way to shop for a globe map and probably the most popular way to make the final purchase. If you have a question when thinking about a globe map it is very common. It can be very interesting to explore the answers. It is very fun to explore how they fit in our most current day and time of technology. If you would like to see some globes go to www.shopmrowens.com
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