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Globes, Stars, and Constellations Have A Lot In Common

Date Added: January 25, 2011 08:17:02 AM
Author: Maxine Owens
Category: Shopping: Home and Garden: Interior

What do globes, stars and constellations have in common? From our vantage point here on earth the stars wrap around the globe. It can be difficult to see or even imagine what is beyond the earth. The stars are what form the constellations and they are beyond our solar system. All of these together are part of our galaxy. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. There are more galaxies in the universe. When we explore the globe, our planet, we are talking about a part of our solar system. The earth seems like a big place when we travel around the globe. When viewing our whole solar system the earth seems small. When thinking about the globe as our home it makes it a personal experience. With a globe we can decorate our home or business with a replica of our planet. They come in many colors and sizes ranging from traditional to modern. When we explore the stars using the naked eye, we are looking outside of our solar system and still within our galaxy. The star closest to our planet earth is the sun. The sun is the only star in our solar system. With large enough telescopes we can see stars outside of this galaxy. The earth needs the sun and the sun is a star. We can decorate our home or place of business with a replica of the stars and constellations which adds to the décor and creates a modern and educational look. When we explore the constellations we will find that the constellations form a pattern in the sky with the stars. The purpose of the constellations is to be able to identify the stars. It is believed that farmers may have invented constellations to help them know when to plant and harvest. Using the constellations assisted to determine the months and seasons. Constellations don’t mean much without a point of reference from the earth. The stars within a constellation usually are light years away from each other.  Naming the constellations began over 6000 years ago and has evolved through today. The Greeks put stories with the constellations. The Romans gave them Latin names.  Through time constellations have been redefined. Today we have 88 official constellations. What else do globes, stars, and constellations have in common? At one time only the globe was used as a hands on representation of the earth. Now we have stars and constellations at our finger tips to learn and observe. There is a globe surrounded by stars and constellations all enclosed together. This will let you maneuver the globe, sun and the stars to see how they change during seasons. It is like taking a ride on the space shuttle. This is great for educational and decorating purposes. They are a piece of decor and make your environment look modern, sophisticated, and unique.  When you think of globes, stars, and constellations remember how much they have in common and compliment each other. It’s great to see how far we have come in our ways to educate and decorate at the same time with globes, stars and constellations. If you would like to see some globes, stars, and constellations go to www.shopmrowens.com
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