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Green lighting model town cannot only depend on LED lamps

Date Added: November 29, 2010 05:51:02 AM
Author: goodscool
Category: Business & Economy

It is reported that Guangzhou is to be the green light demonstration city, prepared to invest 70 million yuan to install 50,000 LED lights this year. With the increasing awareness of energy conservation, LED is more and more popular among people, from the BRT station lights to car taillights, flashlights, LED has been everywhere, it seems has become synonymous with energy-efficient lighting. LED high brightness, energy saving, long life, small size, it has no radiation, the benefits of true everywhere, but Guangzhou want to be "green lighting demonstration city", the light has LED lights may not be enough.   Live in the Tianhe East, two points every night, eleven, the family was supposed to Heidengxiahuo, but there is always a dark living room light. The road on both sides of the street turned out to be meaningless and empty road shone. Summer nights, our family can even eat through the street light.   Into the summer, electricity more and more nervous, and everywhere in the limited electricity, and street lights are still out in the long. I think if half of the Guangzhou can turn off the lights after midnight, and that this can save much power ah! LED lights, no matter how energy-saving, waste of electricity if the situation was common, the "green light" is very limited.   Is not the only late-night street lighting, as well as the corridor lights. At bedtime, I had to pull the curtains tightly. The recent installation of the elevator area, across the floor of the corridor lights were blocked, I have become more sleep. The only lighting was the corridor elevator blocked port, which means 24-hour lantern corridor opened ... ...   I want to say is that 70 million major projects, like the packaging. When we tear it will see that is still very "green" in Guangzhou. Residential area of small projects, but also in Guangzhou can not give up. 50,000 LED lights, if not choose the color, the eyes of a killer driver in Guangzhou, it would be a very shameful.   LED street light demonstration is not equivalent to green city, we still have much to do. From: LED christmas lights
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