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Date Added: January 31, 2011 10:30:53 AM
Author: melissa kiel
Category: Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles

      Many Americans are still familiar, even today, with the devastating worldwide conflicts of the last century, titanic events whose resonance even today affect the worldwide balance of power.   Consider, for instance, the situation on the Korean peninsula.   Recently we commemorated the 60th anniversary of the genesis of that war as, on June 25, 1950, a well-trained and utterly ruthless force of indoctrinated communists from the north invaded  South Korea with the intent to instill a regime of mindless slavery and obesience to a cult of fanatical militarists similar to the Soviet model they emulated.   The support they received from Stalin’s henchmen enabled them to launch the first overt strike of the Cold War with the obvious intention, despite Western peace-at-any-price-addled academics, of expanding their oppressive empire southward.          The attacks of the last year by the decaying Kim Jong-il regime make an ominous underscore to this anniversary commemoration.   The inhuman nature of the north’s government continues to show that the Juche regime refuses to adhere to even the most basic of the United Nation’s demands.   Despite that fact, our government continues to ignore the consequences of the militarization of that society by agreeing to negotiations on the north’s nuclear program.   Can anyone have a doubt that the long-term consequences of such a situation can only be negative?   We have, through our inaction, enabled a much weaker opponent to engage us in a protracted stalemate.   Not only is the human suffering caused by such a state an abomination to the human race, but one must consider the strategic consequences as well.   Our country is seen as weak and vacillating as successive administrations hem and haw about the way forward toward some sort of endgame.   It seems obvious that the time for effective management of the problem has passed, and events have taken a momentum of their own, toward that endgame.        The natural inclination of the United States, followed by the remainder of the West, was to draw down levels of armed forces at the conclusion of World War II.   Pent-up demands for peace and a return to prosperity  had reduced manpower levels to a fraction of their wartime levels, despite the continued belligerence of Warsaw Pact forces and the victory of communist Chinese forces and the resulting standoff over Taiwan.   Consequently, when the north launched their brutal invasion, the nascent United Nations actually reacted in a serious and forceful way, convening discussions and negotiations that resulted in a multinational force to confront the threat.   As the world’s only major country not still digging out from the ashes of the war, the United States naturally took the lead in this effort.   The other major power, the USSR, actually blundered badly by boycotting the session authorizing the police action against the north, allowing for unanimous assent.   Stalin’s failing health and increasing paranoia actually enabled the United States to, on a rare occasion, outwit the Georgian barbarian.    This enablement,  together with the mutual enmity and mistrust between Stalin and  Mao Tse-Tung’s People’s Republic, helped offset the geographic and tactical advantage the north possessed.   It was a close thing, however, as combined allied forces were very hard-pressed at the outset to stem the NPRK’s ferocious attack.   In fact, the initial onslaught brought the unprepared allies to the very brink of annihilation before American reinforcements could be deployed to break the siege at the Pusan Perimeter.  NEXT UP:  A personal story END of PART II
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