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How to Choose the Best Antivirus?

Date Added: December 03, 2010 10:43:24 AM
Author: jhonas
Category: Computers and Internet: Anti-Virus

With the ever-growing usage of the internet, antivirus software has become a must-have tool for all computer users. While the importance of installing this software is well-known to most of us, what ends up as a perplexity is how to choose the one software that stands as the best one in all aspects, amidst the vast expanse of antivirus programs available. Well, even though it may seem to be a difficult task, especially for a user who is na´ve in regard to technicalities, when you go by it systematically, it can be anything but not difficult. So let’s go by this in a step-by-step approach, which will eventually guide us to the destination of not only achieving a virus-free computer, but also maintaining it.As you set out to explore the various antivirus softwares that are available, the first thing that you should be looking out for is the effectiveness of the software. Now, while that may sound pretty obvious, it actually needs to be paid regard to, since this is the entire point of installing the software, with everything else being secondary.So the question that arises here is, what exactly should you be looking for? Well, the main thing to consider is the spectrum of effectiveness of the software. As you get an online virus scan, you’ll realize that your PC needs protection from a lot more than just viruses. Thus, it is important that along with tackling viruses, the software that you download is also competent at detecting and eliminating a whole range of web threats, which include spyware, adware, Trojans, and worms among many more malware threats.Once you’re assured of the effectiveness of the antivirus program that you are considering, you’re just a few steps away from pinpointing the best antivirus to suit your needs. The next thing that you should consider while choosing an antivirus is the interface of the software. An easy-to-use interface is of prime importance especially if you’re an amateur user, since you don’t want to be stuck with mind-boggling instructions that will take forever to decipher.Now that you are sure of being able to follow the instructions on your program, what you need to ensure is that the software is equipped with an at least once-daily virus update, so that you’re protected not only from the net bugs that have already infiltrated your PC, but also from the latest virus attacks. A program that isn’t updated regularly is of no good, no matter how well it tackles pre-existing viruses.If you’ve got a program that meets all the aforementioned requirements, then you’ve almost ready to download antivirus. All that’s left to consider is the system resource consumption of the software. An ideal antivirus would be one that is low on resource consumption, and doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of your PC.You’re now all set to begin your journey to freedom from viruses!
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