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Men hair regrowth truly possible

Date Added: September 29, 2012 06:58:42 AM
Author: hair transplant
Category: Business & Economy: Marketing & Advertising

This is more because there are many who are not very well aware of the reasons behind hair fall. There are many self-invented reasons for the causes of hair fall in men like keeping hairs long, smoking, wearing caps, blow drying and use of hair styling products. These factors can somehow aggravate the problem but are certainly not the basic reasons. Let us now discuss the actual causes of hair fall other than what have been mentioned above. It is worth-mentioning here that sometimes changes in weather, stress, restlessness and treatment to any disease like cancer can also trigger shedding of hairs but that is only temporary. Basically there is a hormone present in the human body called testosterone which gets converted into a more hybrid form Dihydrotestosterone. When this conversion goes beyond a certain limits, it weakens the follicles and hairs start shedding. One thing must be well understood that as long as the number of falling hairs is well within 40 to 100 per day there is nothing to worry about or worry thinking how to stop hair fall. This is a natural process according to which the hairs which shed from the scalp undergo “Telogen” stage of their life cycle. Aft6er about 3 to 4 months the hairs start growing back normally. The problem is when these hairs do not grow back. The falling and regrowth of hairs takes place on about more than 80% of the scalp every time and no one feels bothered about losing hairs unless a certain area in the scalp becomes hairless. When anyone feels that he or she is losing hairs there is always a need for a reliable solution. Presently, there are many solutions available online and on shops for almost all kinds of hair problems. Nevertheless, hardly any of them prove to be helpful enough. This may not be wrong to say that every 5 out of 10 people are suffering from some kind of hair problems. Perhaps the most common that actually dreads everyone is the very thought of complete hair loss or baldness. Although it is natural and may not matter all that much for many who are living with this condition, but there are some for whom it is extremely depressing and damages their self-confidence. Such people often feel uncomfortable while being part of a gathering. Not too long ago hair loss was considered as incurable and the only solution to it was accepting the condition as it is. Thanks to cosmetic surgery that invented the idea of hair transplant after which many people who lost their hairs got them rejuvenated. As far as men hair regrowth is concerned, surgical transplant is the only way it can happen. The transplanted hairs grow and nourish naturally but this does not happen overnight and may take about 5 to 6 months.
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