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My Jogstyle healthy running in the heat

Date Added: May 17, 2011 08:01:54 AM
Author: Werbelabel
Category: Blogs: Sports

When sun beats down, temperatures mercilessly climb up the thermometers and not the slightest breeze blows, it is especially hard for runners to consequently keep up their training. Many marathon events however take place in summer and already last weekend many sporters hit the brick at the Düsseldorf marathon due to the high temperatures. But ambitious athletes don’t want to abandon their training units or the participation at a marathon. My JogStyle gives tips on what to keep in mind when exercising in the summer and how to reach the finish despite the heat. Who does not want to relinquish running outside even in summer should try to move the training units to the morning or evening times. Thus you escape the peak of the sun and are not directly exposed to its especially strong heat. If possible, the route should lie in the shadow, at best leading through a forest or park. The running program should be reduced at steady heat, then run less and slower. The Alpha and Omega for jogging in summer is of course a sufficient intake of fluids. Before and after the training the sporter should drink much, for running units longer than 50 minutes fluid should be taken in also during the exercise. Isotonic sports drinks are optimally suitable as they provide the body with the necessary minerals. Running a marathon in the heat you should not skip any of the water stations and at best wear a beverage belt. For the outer refreshment it is recommendable to take a sponge with you. This can be soaked at fountains or water holes to cool down the body. Inherently you should confide in your body-awareness. In great heat it is not slanderous at all to take breaks, run slower or just stop. Health should always come first! Best times are just secondary in such aggravated conditions. If the sun really beats down, every sporter should wear a headdress. A light cloth is perfectly suitable and can be wrapped around the head in the old pirates’ manner. However you can also buy special running caps. Moreover you should wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV rays and bright light. Breathable clothes of course are equally important for the regulation of the body’s temperature. Before starting at a marathon every participant should find out which running clothes best suit his own preferences. Self-evidently sun lotion should be put on the exposed skin, to prevent sunburns. At temperatures above 30°C special caution should be exercised as this might cause a circulatory collapse. With headaches, sickness and dizziness the run should be terminated immediately. Perfect alternative training methods during summer are for example bicycling, in-line skating or swimming. Further exciting topics about running, nutrition tips as well as an overview of all marathon events can now be found on the online jogging blog www.myjogstyle.com.
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