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My JogStyle tipps for running in the cold

Date Added: March 02, 2011 01:56:13 PM
Author: Lena Pabich
Category: News & Media: Sports

Winter unfortunately doesn’t want to take its leave yet. Even if gradually the sun starts coming out from time to time, temperatures stay frosty. So, abandon the regular jogging unit or visit the fitness studio instead? Many active runners prefer training outside in the fresh air even in winter time. When it’s cold all comes down to the right running clothes. But which equipment is appropriate?   In winter most runners dress either too warm or too cold. Of course, at temperatures around zero degree you should better not wear shorts but too many warm pieces of clothing, possibly even made of cotton, can lead to a heat build-up and enhance the risk of catching a cold. Moreover, too much weight constrains your mobility which in turn reduces your performance. Of course, every sporter has to find out himself which clothing is most suitable. Generally, however, the so-called “onion-technique”, so wearing several (thin) textile layers one above the other, is quite reliable. The sports industry offers enough choice of fitting clothes even for these cold days. Thus, special, breathable functional underwear made of microfiber is essential: It fits lightly and tightly, absorbs the sweat and deflects it outwards. Good running underwear keeps the body warm and simultaneously provides sweat regulation and odor filtration. The same holds for the layer above. For the winter it should be invested in good running clothes made of synthetic fiber as this regulates the body heat. A third layer protects the body additionally from the cold but also from wetness and wind. So-called windbreakers are airtight and water proof. As the head quickly loses height and during the winter run also the fingers tend to “freeze”, a hat and gloves are indispensable. Here cotton again is absoluelty inappropriate as it resorbs the sweat and uncomfortably scratches on the skin.   Concerning footwear above all a strong footprint is important. In summer light, comfortable shoes are sufficient but during the cold season the danger of slipping is enhanced by snow, mud or ice. In winter you often have no choice but to run in the dark. To be seen early enough by other traffic participants reflectors should be attached to the outside clothing. A good training motivator is part of the ideal equipment in winter as well as in summer. The JogStyle by Omron Healthcare exactly measures running speed, distance covered, step count as well as calorie and fat burning. Thus every active sporter can constantly keep track of his running performance and store the determined values up to 7 days. All information about the innovative JogStyle and further valuable training tipps - now on the Omron Healthcare online blog www.myjogstyle.com.
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