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Neville testimonial

Date Added: May 25, 2011 06:53:59 AM
Author: vanscily
Category: Blogs

Beijing time at 2:30 on May 25, Gary - Neville testimonial at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United 1-2 defeat to Juventus. Rooney broke the first half, but Pepe then tie the game, the second half free kick from the center Zhanduonatuo seal the victory for Juventus. Soccer Jersey, Premier League Jersey, Man City kits, manchester city jerseys More info in Soccer Jersey 36 - Gary Neville Manchester United in the 1992-93 season into a team, is the famous "92 Outstanding Young Generation" members. In the February 2, 2011, - Gary Neville officially announced his Soccer Jersey retirement. He attended a total of 602 in Manchester United official games, scoring 7 goals. This testimonial also invited an important part of the former Manchester United player, such as Everton's Phil - Neville, the Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham, Hong Kong, South China's Butte. Where David Beckham is Premier League Jersey leaving Manchester United after the summer of 2003, the first re-put Manchester United shirt. David Beckham, Michael Owen played while wearing jersey No. 7. Before the game, Manchester United, Juventus two starters lined up to welcome the embrace of the openings of two children - Gary Neville played, and then to Gary Ferguson - Neville awarded prizes and commemorative speeches. The opening match by Manchester United before Man City kits kick-off. 3 minutes, even the restricted area before Ryan Giggs had two people were walking off the ball Chiellini. 4 minutes, Wayne Rooney Michael Owen then left the restricted area pass in his left foot volley was Chudi Xian Online, David Beckham out on the right corner there is no threat. 10 minutes, Durechen out injured and Traore replaced. 12 minutes, Motta on the right pass, Tony before the point is not the top that - Gary Neville after the post ahead of the front of Pepe headed the rescue. 14 minutes, Cruz Zach attack manchester city jerseys siege hesitate before being robbed in the restricted area Aquilani Shekong Men, Cruz Puzhu Zach turned around and the ball. 15 minutes, Krasic cross struck, Pepe restricted area before the long-range hit high. The first 17 minutes, Ryan Giggs pass to the front left, Wayne Rooney broke grab shot! Manchester United 1-0! 21 minutes - Gary Neville right-sided mass was restricted to the top of the former Chiellini, Scholes played in Rooney who fly long-range Chudi Xian. The first 23 minutes, Aquilani is long-range Puzhu Zach Cruz. 34 minutes, babe playing outside the area long-range high. 40 minutes pass in Krasic on the right, Pepe tossed the ball before the post After the score the top corner! Juventus 1-1 to tie the game! 41 minutes - Gary Neville following the end of Hui Qiao babe, babe high cross cut into the restricted area in front of the right, Owen turned and volley play high. 44 minutes, David Beckham goal from 25 meters far corner of the right foot is pumping a single Satisfy Storari flying out. The end of the first half, tied the game 1-1. Manchester United goalkeeper Zach Cruz the second half, Gardner replaced by Linde. 49 minutes, David Beckham on the right to pass in front of babe red Dingding side. 51 minutes, Crathie ball from the center line to the restricted area from the right foot before the long-range is gone. 54 minutes, Matri missed hanging doors closed online. 67 minutes, breaking Babe to the top of the arc is restricted kicked from behind Marchisio, David Beckham free kick of the intention to give Neville the kick, but was rejected Neville, David Beckham right foot arc shot close to the ball above the crossbar. 70 minutes, Traore Bart before being brought down in the restricted area, Bonucci played volley wide of the people on the wall. 76 minutes, Martinez (microblogging) on the right pass, the Matri unguarded header in front of the top high. 78 minutes, the bottom line Zhanduona tuo kick free kick near the left side of his right foot near the arc rotation angle of the ball flew into the goal directly! Juventus 2-1 go-ahead! 84 minutes, fans in the audience applause, - Gary Neville was replaced Wootton, who will captain's armband to Beckham. 88 minutes, David Beckham out on the left corner to the last point, he missed a little Gibson volleyed directly. 90 minutes, the fans into the stadium by David Beckham subdued. Overall the final end of the game, Manchester United lost to Juventus 1-2. Missed the last eight years Luneng Super AFC battle is not actually qualify four times
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