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No Exam Life Insurance,

Date Added: April 06, 2012 11:17:15 AM
Author: Eric Hazen
Category: Business & Economy: Finance & Investment: Insurance

Health Insurance Articles * Waiting Period In the field of health insurance, the waiting period is the time between the signing of the contract and when the insurance protection goes into effect. * Utilization Utilization refers to the method by which health insurance companies will evaluate the value of a given procedure. * Insurance: Tort Although we all complain about legal costs, they do work in order to protect the rights of their clients when they feel they have been wronged. * Successive Periods As a part of many health insurance policies, they will consider successive periods to refer to multiple hospital visits for the same issue. * All about Accident and Health Insurance Accident and health insurance is an important way of protecting the finances of you and your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances. * Accident and Sickness Insurance We all want to have good health, but none of us knows the future, and disability insurance will protect our finances if we are unable to work. * State of Domicile With state regulations, all insurance companies must be licensed before they are allowed to write policies, and the state of domicile is where they are based. * Risk Retention Group It is created to essentially help people and businesses that have troubles in acquiring a liability insurance in a traditional insurance enterprise * Risk Management Risk management is one of those ways that companies can reduce their health care costs, as it makes their employees less likely to become injured. * Residual Benefit Many companies offer disability coverage as a part of health insurance, which is referred to as a residual benefit, in order to help them through an illness. * Renewal No insurance plan is in effect forever, and health insurance is no different. These policies face a renewal term in which the rates are adjusted each year. * Reciprocal Insurance Exchange Once of the considerations when looking at ways to save on health coverage is referred to as an insurance exchange, where they pool resources and risk. * Qualifying Events When you want to make changes to your health insurance policies outside of open enrollment, you will need to have a qualifying event occur. * Qualified High Deductible Health Plan One of the ways that you can save on your health insurance premiums is by participating in a high deductible health plan and transfer some risk to you. * Preferred Provider Organization In the field of health insurance, one of your options is a PPO, or preferred provider organization, in which costs are controlled in the network. * Pre-existing Condition When considering your health care insurance options, one of the things that they are going to look at is if you have any preexisting conditions. * Point of Service Plan Among the options that you have for your health insurance coverage is a type of policy that is known as a point of service plan. * Participation Rate When considering a group health policy, one of the main concerns is the participation rate, or the number of people that take part in the plan. * Own Occupation When you are looking at disability insurance, you should try to get an own occ policy if possible, as this ensures that you are safe in your field. * Member Month In the field of health insurance, a member month refers to the average customers they have in a given month, and this relates to how they perform in the business. * Loss Reserves In order to protect the company from loss, they will hold back a portion of the premiums in order claims when there are higher than expected claims. * Loss Ratio The loss ratio in insurance is what determines whether or not the company remains viable based on the rates that they charge their customers. * Loss Ratio and Medical Loss Ratio In order for the health insurance company to remain viable, the must show a profit. The ratio shows how well their finances compare to the policies paid. * Lifetime Reserve Days Lifetime reserve days are days of additional hospital coverage that can be used in the lifetime of the policy that can be applied after normal coverage expires. * Knowing Non Cancelable on Different Insurance Policies With some special types of health and disability policies, they are considered to be non cancelable, which means that they cannot cancel the policy for any reason. * Least Expensive Alternative Treatment the least expensive alternate treatment plan is commonly a part of dental policies, and this is one of the ways that they try to save money on policies.
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