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No matter how beautiful or appropriate an earring might be

Date Added: May 10, 2011 07:49:04 AM
Author: dobravis
Category: Blogs

There's one type of earring style in particular that never seems to go out of fashion discount tiffany and co rings : drop earrings. And it's no surprise, as these earrings are a perennial favourite, universally liked because they are such a flexible accessory. Drop (or dangle as they're also known) earrings can be worn on all sorts of occasions, match any outfit and suit all hairstyles, face shapes and skin tones.So what makes the perfect drop earrings?1.The most important aspect of any earring is comfort. No matter how beautiful or appropriate an earring might be, if it is too heavy to wear for any length of time, then the inevitable truth is that it is going to lie unworn in your jewellery box. Frankly, huge door-knocker dangle earrings aren't very practical unless you're on a catwalk in Paris or New York.2.But by the same token, just because a drop earring may look sizeable, don't assume it's automatically heavy. Designers are increasingly using lightweight materials whose weight you won't even notice.3.Dangling earrings of any sort should move when you do. Part of their raison d'Ítre is to sway with your rhythm. This is part of their feminine charm.4.Face shape is important with dangle earrings: if your face is round, choose lean, long and angular curved lines. You can wear drop earrings in the form of ovals and oblongs. Square and rectangular earrings are also good options. Oval faces work with almost any style of earring. For heart-shaped faces, look for earrings that are wider at the bottom - tear drops and triangle shapes work well, while circular and oval earrings will also go well with your face. For squarer-shaped faces, round edges will work best to soften out your look. If you have a triangular face you need earrings that will soften the sharp angles. Large oval or small circular drop earrings will work well for you.5.If you do opt for big, oversized dangle earrings, then think carefully about wearing an oversized, statement necklace at the same time. Both at the same time may be too much of a good thing!6.Nature is blooming on the ears, as leaf, floral and other natural motifs continue to be a widely popular theme for dangle earrings. Not only are they feminine, but they can add a beautiful Discount Tiffany Earrings touch to your look, and reaffirm your eco-chic look!7.Add a splash of colour to your outfit and create a new accent without hurting your wallet. Angeline Jolie used some striking emerald green droplet earrings to add a touch of colour to an otherwise quite sombre black dress on Oscars night in 2009. In these tough economic times, you can freshen up an old outfit with a colourful pair of drop earrings that don't cost the earth.8.Finally, think of buying a pair of drops as an investment, because they never really go out of fashion.Follow these pointers and you'll be the darling of this and future seasons. After all, dangle earrings really do matter when completing a look.
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