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Perspiration Effect and Sports Clothing

Date Added: September 14, 2012 10:56:00 AM
Author: Team Werbelabel
Category: Recreation & Sports

It has to be thin, light and breathable. On top of that, an athlete’s clothing is supposed to possess a perfectly functioning perspiration and cooling system during hot conditions, as well as a comfortable warming effect during cold weather. Endurance athletes should have the feeling of running with a second skin. Performance in training or competition must not be impaired by too much sweat nor an overheated body. Perspiration mechanisms are of crucial importance. But how do these effects work and does sports clothing really need to meet every single requirement? Benefit of perspiration during exercising Even though it is perceived to be annoying, sweating during physical activity is by no means an unnecessary side effect. The opposite is the case: Evaporation of liquid is both a necessary and effective cooling process for the overheated athlete. During sports, 80 percent of the developing heat is emitted as sweat over the body’s surface. Only 20 percent is directly used towards performance. Good-quality functional clothing has an efficient perspiration system, in order to ensure that athletes are not hindered by wet clothes that stick to the body, as that would have negative effects on both wearing comfort and health. Particularly during cold and windy weather, a lack of perspiration can lead to slight hypothermia. Studies prove: Functional wear necessary during high physical strain Current scientific studies in the department “Function and Care” at the Hohenstein Institutes in Germany examine several sports fabrics in regard to their effect. In order to characterise the perspiration capacity, the so-called ‘skin model’ simulates different degrees of sweating. The data analysis proves the dependency on the clothing’s quality and comfort. Material that is impermeable to sweat can negatively influence the athlete’s performance. But thermo-physiologically optimised clothing adjusts to the different requirements. Fabrics that transport liquid away from the body particularly effectively are used especially at body parts which produce more sweat. Warmth-isolating materials protect other parts from hypothermia. Thereby, functional clothing supports ambitious athletes with reaching their goals in sports. “Layering” principle of functional wear Officially introduced by the clothing industry in 1987, the “layering” principle has been established as effective solution for the diverse demands to sports clothing. Athletes wear several layers, one above the other. Depending on weather conditions, there are normally three layers, each of which has their own specific task. Functional fabric transports warmth and sweat as water vapour away from the body and forwards it on to the next layer of clothing. The middle layer serves as warmth protection; it isolates the body and keeps it warm. The last layer protects the body against coldness, wetness and wind, and ensures that the water vapour can emit partially. Innovative microfibre and modern fabrication technologies are the basis for the multi-layer system. Inner layer crucial for perspiration Functional underwear as inner layer has an essential role within the perspiration mechanism of the layer principle. It is supposed to transport liquid away from the skin to improve wearing comfort and prevent hypothermia, especially during the cold seasons. Underwear made of synthetic microfibre (e.g. polyester or polypropylene) is suited best for that purpose, as it is breathable. To ensure that perspiration’s important cooling effect is not lost, the liquid transport should not occur too quickly. An extensive distribution of liquid on the body, which is ensured by the tight functional underwear, guarantees evaporation close to the body. Thereby, skin cools off during physical activity without the material becoming wet or leading to hypothermia during phases of rest. Read further information and articles all about healthy and active running at www.myjogstyle.com. Publication free of charge. Specimen copy requested. About Omron Healthcare Committed to improving people’s lives, OMRON Healthcare provides clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. Our product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, respiratory therapy devices, electronic fever thermometers and activity monitors as well as body composition monitors and professional medical devices. OMRON Healthcare Group is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. OMRON Healthcare Europe B.V. is the healthcare division for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa, and provides service to customers in more than 60 countries through a powerful distribution network. For more information, please visit www.omron-healthcare.com.
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