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puppies for sale

Date Added: November 11, 2011 09:31:46 AM
Author: petsforsale
Category: Science and Technology: Animals, Insects, and Pets

What you decide to call your dog probably reveals more about your personality than you expect. According to the experts, the name you choose for your Puppies reveals your expectations, interests and yearnings. The naming of a dog is often geared towards what the owners want to see expressed, and are often chosen based on their interests and how they want to be seen by others. The name of a dog can also reflect the personality and sense of humour of the owner, for example, if you name your toy poodle 'Brutus,' that shows a sense of irony. It can reveal your interests at the time, or reflect your expectations for your pet. We take a look at some of the popular Puppies and what they say about you. The name Bear is growing in popularity. This name says you love nature and spend your time outdoors, looking for adventure. But you also have a loving, caring side to your personality and are yearning for warmth. The owner of a 'Bear' is looking for protection in their lives, and often has a quirky sense of humour. Typical owners of dogs called Lady have a need for style and elegance and are seeking a dignified and loving companion. ‘Bandit’ is commonly a name given by owners who enjoy a little mischief and excitement in life – things that are lacking currently. These owners usually have life under control and everything is in order, but you want people to think you have a wild side. Owners of dogs called Lucky usually have an optimistic and happy personality and are hopeful. They feel secure about their lives and have a grounded personality, feeling that they can provide a good home for the dog. Sam or Max are Dog Names usually chosen by those looking for strength in their lives. They are striving for simplicity, appreciate straightforwardness and like to avoid complications. These are also human names and show the owner considers the Puppies to be a friend or member of the family. ‘Buddy’ owners generally have a straightforward personality, are athletic and appreciate genuine companionship. They see the dog as an equal partner, and want to share their adventures with the dog. Hunter is a name often given to dogs by owners who are calm, pragmatic people with a strong intellectual side. This name recognizes the pet's heritage, and shows respect to it. As with human names, there is much that can be read into the name of your dog, and you should take the time to decide what it is you expect from the dog, and what you and the dog will be comfortable with. Make sure the name you choose suits both you and your four legged friend and is a name you will be able to call across the park, or say aloud in public without causing a fuss. Your dog will have this name throughout his/her life and it is essential that it is one you can both live with.
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