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Real hair regrowth possibility

Date Added: October 02, 2012 06:46:31 AM
Author: hair transplant
Category: Business & Economy: Marketing & Advertising

Some people have absolutely nothing wrong in their overall appearance but their hairs or lack of hairs perhaps eclipses their attraction. On the other hand, there are some people who may not have any extraordinary feature in their appearance but their hairs being full of health and perfectly styled make them appear attractive. Hence, we can say that if you are gifted with good looking and healthy hairs this will add up to your attraction big time. If we discuss hair problems that actually cause their loss they are not new to the people. However, despite all this there are many who are still not aware of the main causes of hair fall. It is worth-mentioning here that keep hairs long or short and use of various hair styling products have nothing to do with hair loss. There is a possibility that these factors aggravate the problem but they are not the actual causes of hair fall. Before going for a possible hair fall treatment it is good to figure the basic reasons behind. There is a sex hormone called testosterone which often gets converted into a more hybrid form which is Dihydrotestosterone. When this conversion goes beyond a certain limits, it weakens the hair follicles and the hairs start shedding off the scalp. In such a scenario hair regrowth can only take place if the overly production of Dihydrotestosterone could be reduced or controlled by anyway. Since mother is the need of invention, so when the need for restoring hairs back on the scalp got intense, that gave rise to various methods of restoration. One method which was rather quick and still in practice all over the world is hair replacement . This method is not what we call putting on a Wig but it actually involves pasting of an artificial scalp in the hair less such area such as the crown. However, it requires maintenance after every 4 to 6 weeks. One big reason why people actually go for hair replacement instead of the surgical transplant is the high cost of the procedure. If we compare hair transplant cost with that of replacement (which is also called non-surgical transplant) there is a huge difference. It will be easily 5 to 6 times that the replacement cost. Nevertheless, if we talk in terms of the results, those obtained from hair transplant are natural and cannot be compared with the anything artificial like hair unit. Although expensive but it must be clearly understood that if you want your own hair growing back on the scalp then it is only hair transplantation that can make it happen. Being in practice for many years now it has benefitting many people from celebrities to ordinary ones in large numbers. Perhaps it may not be wrong to say that hair transplant is certainly one of the most performed surgeries these days all across the world with no threatening side effects whatsoever.
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