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Revolutionary hair restoration for losers

Date Added: October 01, 2012 06:37:44 AM
Author: hair transplant
Category: Business & Economy: Marketing & Advertising

This is because it can be very depressing to have lost hairs completely and proves to be even more when you happen to see other heads full of hairs. The condition does not only damage your self confidence big time but also adds up more to your frustration when you seem much older than our actual age. There are many people who have accepted hair loss and are least bothered what others feel about them but at the same time some are extremely concerned. Despite the fact that the problem of losing hairs is around perhaps since the existence of mankind but there has not been a permanent solution invented to cure it successfully with the exception of hair transplant surgery. One thing is for sure that the surgery has been benefiting hair losers for quite some time now but still some people are not quite comfortable going for it. To some extent this in due to the high cost of surgery and in other cases it is the associated complications. Before going for a surgery, it is good that you actually understand the hair problems and the reasons causing them. What we call hair fall particularly in men does not arise out of factors like long hairs, frequent washing and use of hair styling products. Instead, the main reason behind falling hairs resulting in baldness is massive production of a sex hormone called Dihydrotestosterone from Testosterone. If this overly production could be stopped or limited then hair fall can be controlled. It is also worth-mentioning here that most of the hairs which fall of the scalp actually undergo the “Telogen” stage of the hair life cycle. The hair growth starts after a period of 3 to 4 months. Hence, if you observe as many as 40 to 100 hairs shedding on the daily basis there is nothing to worry as this process is always taking place on 80% of the scalp. However, if the hairs do not grow back then this may prove to be fatal. Those who are looking to stop falling hairs are always in search of a reliable solution. Going for hair care products that often promise regrowth may not prove to be fruitful because such products are not all that much effective. Again it is only surgical transplant that well and truly ensures hair restoration. The procedure simply involves removal of hairs from the donor area and grafting them into the hairless areas of the scalp. The removal of hairs can be in strip form or one by one. Some people who want hair transplant do not have enough hairs in the donor area. Hence, the conventional strip hair transplant may not yield good enough results. A latest technique which best treats such people is FUE method which allows removal of hairs from almost any part of the skin. Since there are no cuts or sutures so it is best for treating hair loss in women. The biggest advantage of this technique is that you can obtain the desired volume of new hairs on the scalp.
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