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Student life in International Schools

Date Added: December 14, 2011 09:05:29 AM
Author: Amit Sisindi
Category: Business & Economy: Business Schools

A child spends nearly 8 to 9 hours out of the 24 hours, in the school. It became his “second home”, from where he gets his basic education as well as learns some useful values and acquires good qualities. In short, school is a “breeding ground” that produces emotionally, mentally and morally sound individuals. Therefore, of late many schools have introduced revised curriculum, improved pedagogy and wide range of activities that assist child to “enjoy his student life” to its fullest; and when we talked about such educational institutes, the first picture that we get is of the International schools in India. These educational institutes founded for the globally mobile children have gained immense popularity among Indian parents in the last few years, as it gives a “competitive edge” to the students so that they can compete in all the spheres. International school curriculum focuses on making the students excel in all the fields and not just become a meek book worm that is not able to face the real life challenges. The students in the international schools get wide exposure to different things whether it is science and technology or literature, as neither the institute nor its policy ever emphasizes on “learning without understanding”. The students are encouraged to take part in different activities like exhibitions and fairs, debates, international cultural exchange program, uniformed groups like N.C.C or scout/guides, etc......Such pursuits inculcate life-skills and values in the students. More importantly, international school curriculum is designed in such a way that it never represses the curiosity of the pupils. Though curiosity may sometimes land you up in problems, it is never unhealthy. In fact it makes your child question things and not accept and follow doctrines blindly. Thus, IB schools in India help the students to explore new spheres and develop their own cognitive abilities. It does not turn the children into “book worm with no practical knowledge” or courage to face the difficulties. Creativity is the basic component that has made people like Narayan Murthy, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.... successful and king of their respective fields. International schools in India never undermines the innovative streak in a student and gives full support to pursue his creativity. The students are encouraged to participate in different sports, club activities and extracurricular activities which help their creativity to grow and fade out with time. It is a well-known and widely accepted fact that students who are active in sports and other cultural activities have good chances of being successful in their professional as well as personal life. Thus, international school in India offers a wide range of activities from which a student can choose and pursue whichever activity he likes.... He can spend his time learning how to swim or play chess or ride a horse. Moreover, there are clubs that offers them an opportunity to follow their hobbies like for example if your kid is interested in painting; he can become a part of the painting club, which shows the right path to hone his skills. Well, the fact is that international school curriculum is a student-centric and application-based syllabus which focuses on holistic development of your child..... The students are in fact provided a healthy environment which helps them to nurture their dreams and achieve progress in all the fields. It does not bring monotony (killer of knowledge) in its education or other activities.
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