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Take you into the computer world-introduction of Computer accessories

Date Added: August 10, 2012 06:38:11 AM
Author: Pereira
Category: Computers and Internet

Computers for people to be able to do a lot of things we can use it to print documents, send and receive fax, business management, financial management, you can listen to music, watching movies, playing games, can be connected to Internet network, and can chat with friends around the world, but also In a very cheap price to make international long-distance calls it! Refers to the hardware components of the computer equipment of all kinds of physical, that is, we "know computers" in the presentation of those visible and tangible reality of the physical equipment. It includes mainframe computers and peripherals. With the specific function of the five major components, namely: computing devices, controllers, memory, input devices and output devices. The five most of each other, work together. Its simple operating principle for the first device to receive input from the outside world of information. The controller issued a directive sent to the data (with) memory, and then inward memory access instructions issued by the command. In order gets an order, one by one into the controller command procedures. Controller for instructions on the decoding, and in accordance with the instructions of the operational requirements of memory and computing devices to keep the number issued, take a few orders and order operations, after computing devices and computing results with the existence of memory. In the last check issued by the controller and a number of export orders under, the output device through the output results. The output is the last step in computer operation. It changes the computer's results from binary machine language into a form that people can understand. There are several kinds of output devices. Suppose a shoe store owner wants to know which style of shoe is selling best. He uses a printer. It actually prints, or types, the numbers of shoes sold on a long strip of paper. The machine printout shows him which shoes he should order. High-speed printers can print an entire line at the same time turning out as many as twenty thousand lines a minute. A city planner, though, may use her computer in a different way. She wants to plan a new bus route to serve the largest number of people. Using a plotter as the output, she gets a drawing, actually a map, showing the route chosen by the computer. The telephone operator who looks up telephone numbers uses a computer. But she does not need a printed copy, nor a drawing of the number. Therefore, she has a computer terminal with a CTR. The screen flashes the number of a little while, and then it disappears, ready for the next request. Students in many schools are taught by a computer. Some of these courses are in foreign languages. To learn a language, you must hear it spoken correctly. These computers have an audio output. They actually produce the sounds of the language perfectly pronounced. The modern computer is truly an amazing machine. But it is not able to think for itself. It is only as smart as the person who prepares its program. Nor can a computer produce correct answers unless it is fed correct data. Many people are a little afraid of computers. They think of computers as machines with minds of their own. Just remember this, though. A computer is nothing more than a human tool. It stretches our abilities. Just as you use a hammer to help you drive a nail into a wall, so you use a computer to help you solve a problem. Composters are our servants, not our masters. The output is the last step in computer operation. It changes the computer's results from binary machine language into a form that People can understand. There are several kinds of output devices. Hi,I am a game's gold farmer with 5 years of experience in a professional game gold studio.And i am so excited to expect the new online game The Secret World,lol,if you want to The Secret World gold, or need Buy The Secret World gold,please contact me,i can provide the cheap The Secret World gold,;) by the way,write article is one of my hobbies, I'd like to share some of my favorit!
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