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The Wisdom of the Ages

Date Added: January 23, 2011 10:33:36 PM
Author: Joseph
Category: Entertainment

Summary: There are certain truths that hold up over time and are just as meaningful as they were the day they were thought of. This is a loose interpretation of an old tale that has been around forever, the original Author is unknown. Article: A thoughtful old king summoned three of his wisest men for an important task. He asked them to go forth into the world as far as they needed to travel and assemble the truth of life--something that would be considered to be the wisdom of the ages. The men took to the task with all seriousness and traveled far from the kingdom. After three years they returned with several volumes of writings collected from far away countries and written by the wisest of men. They were certain, beyond any doubt, that the material contained the wisdom of the ages. They left the king to wade through the mountain of information they had collected.Several days later the king summoned his wise men. They were confident that the king had found what he was seeking and were anxious to hear his reaction. The king told the men that he did not find the answer he wanted and sent them forth again with instructions not to return until they found the truth. Many years later they returned with even more material than they had assembled the first time, a cart full of books and scrolls collected from all corners of the Earth. For several weeks the king searched through the material, again he summoned his wise men. As they waited apprehensively he gave them the news, they had still not found the wisdom of the ages. Again they left the kingdom in a quest for something that would satisfy the king. After a short time they returned and met with the king. The king was puzzled that they had returned so quickly, and they did not have any material with them. They explained that they had decided to come up with their own answer. They presented the king with a small scrap of paper. The king studied the paper for several minutes, stood and proclaimed that this was indeed the wisdom of the ages--the truth of life. The sentence on the paper simply said, "There ain't no free lunch." Author: Joseph N. Kolton is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, humorist, closet philosopher and the founder of myPhotoLottery.com and PhotoBraoniac.com, http://www.myphotolottery.com Copyright: you may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact.
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