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Tips To Capture Great Photographs At A Wedding

Date Added: October 21, 2010 07:08:49 PM
Author: Chris
Category: Arts & Humanities: Photography

There are some really simple tips to consider when taking your photographs. This is a basic guide to help anyone attending a friend or a family members wedding to capture some better photographs. Flash is good and bad Number one tip is to look around for available light. Windows, doors, lamps, room lighting or even the sun if your outdoors. Where is the light coming from? The basic rule for lighting is that you want a key light to strike the bride and groom from one side rather than a strong flash that directly lights up the entire photograph. Tonal lighting can help if you spot an opportunity to use available light, take it.


Turn your flash off and only use it, if the natural light is inadequate. Some modern compact cameras have a high iso mode. All this means is that when the flash is off, the camera automatically makes your photographs brighter. So taking pictures in dim, or slightly darker environments will look brighter. It won't work too well however if your in the swing of the evening and the only light is coming from the bar area and the rest of the room is pitch black. Iso mode is more suitable for a dimly lit church or registry office. For group shots you can also use a red eye flash which flashes twice to help reduce the chance of red eye in your photographs. Make sure your guests know that it will flash twice because you don't want them moving away by the time the second flash goes off. Close Ups One major problem that I see regularly is that guests take photographs from the back of the room or they just don't get close enough. Make sure your not interrupting anything by moving, especially during the ceremony but make sure that your close enough to capture what you want in your photograph.


Taking a picture over the top of someone's head is not going to get you the photograph you want, so move closer. Perspective Feel free to kneel and climb to get an interesting angle on your photograph. Take pictures through mirrors, and through objects. Be creative and experiment with your photography to capture truly memorable photographs. Be unusual and your photography will speak for itself. Don't just stand there at head height and snap everything you see. The Professional Photographer You must remember that the professional photographer has been chosen by the Bride and Groom to capture their special day. Be courteous and avoid being too intrusive.


Your flash or your position can drastically effect the professional photographers ability to capture the best shots. Be aware of where you are and when your taking your photograph. If your unsure simply ask if you are in the way. Usually the professional photographer will guide guests when is appropriate to take photographs once they have finished. Group Photographs So you've been taking lots of photographs and it's now time for the professional photographer to capture everyone in their group shots. This is the right time to put your camera back in the case and smile.


The group photography part of the day is usually the most tedious and the quicker the professional can capture everyone the quicker the guests can get back to enjoying the day. Listen for your call out and put your camera in the case. The Moments During a wedding there are many things happening all at once. You need to be constantly aware of where everyone is and where the next photographic opportunity is going to present itself. Keep an eye on the main guests, such as the mother and father of the bride and groom, the children, the best men and the bridesmaids.


These are the people that you want to capture in their moment. Sometimes it requires just a bit of luck and to be at the right place at the right time, try to anticipate what is going to happen next. Overall Wedding Photography is all about being creative and capturing all the details. Be experimental and try new things, learn the different effects your camera has to offer and use them. At the end of the day, have fun with your photography, that's what it is all about. Capturing the best moments and having fun doing it. About the Author Chris Hickey is a professional Wedding Photographer in Liverpool. Chris enjoys his photography and his natural, unobtrusive and reportage wedding photography style ensures you capture the best memories of your special day.

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