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To Buy, or Not to Buy - Notebook or Desktop Computer?

Date Added: November 18, 2010 08:18:09 AM
Author: John Swanson
Category: Computers and Internet: Hardware

No need to explain the features and operations of a desktop computer to its potential users as they are the most widely used computing gadget worldwide. The situation completely changes when we put a comparison in between a desktop computer and a notebook. Here go the certain observations that we have made after analyzing several facts and figures on both desktop computer and notebook: Budget: One of the biggest constrains is the price tag both desktop and notebook carries. Obviously, both carry different price tags along with their varied usable features. Notebooks generally cost more, because of its technological superiority and use of comparatively smaller components than desktop computers. It true sense, you pay more for a notebook, because of its technology and mobility.


Portability: Desktop computers are destined to be glued to your desktop. Mobility is almost ZERO so far as the desktop computers are concerned. Notebook has a greater advantage over desktop computers in this segment. They are meant to be mobile. Notebook’s portability too varies from brand to brand and segment to segment. Notebooks having larger screen size and bulkier batteries tend to be heavier and difficult to carry. But an overall observation confirms that notebooks are more portable than desktop computers.


Screen Size: Screen size for both desktop computers and notebooks depends on their intended users and their requirements. In general, larger display panel means higher price (i.e. meant for both desktop computers and notebooks). Monitors for Desktop computers come with larger screen size in comparison to notebooks. Notebooks too come with varied display size, but more range is available to desktop computers, only. Upgradation: Regular Upgradation is one of the basic features of currently available gadgetries in the market as the evolution and quick commercialization of computing technology. So it is obvious for both notebook and desktop computer being upgradable when there is a requirement.


Desktop computers have more advantage than notebooks so far as regular upgradation is concerned. It’s not the fact that notebooks cannot be upgraded. They can be, but the upgradation of a notebook costs more and limited in comparison to desktop computers. So concluding this comparative write-up, several factors need to be taken into consider when someone chooses in between a desktop computer and a notebook. Budget will have a large effect on what you will get. If you have a limited budget, then you might get a better bargain for your buck with a desktop. On the other side, if you have a more flexible budget then you will have more options open. Mobility is pretty simple. Notebooks are more mobile. HP Desktop Computers, HP Refurbished dc5800

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