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Various Benefits That Make You Shift To Cloud Hosting

Date Added: September 04, 2012 02:27:33 PM
Author: Hassan Zobeen
Category: Computers and Internet: Web Hosting

Today, this is more popularly known as cloud hosting. The beauty of the system is the uninterrupted service. When your virtual private server malfunctions or when there is heavy traffic, you will be redirected to one of the other servers in the cloud.  To a non-tech savvy person, understanding the technical terms in cloud hosting may be difficult to comprehend. Suffice to note that with this kind of hosting environment, the computing resources are combined and are then delivered to the internet. To simplify the concept your VPS or virtual private server is distributed to many - instead of single server. The servers do not necessarily exist in the same data center rather, these are distributed globally. Availing this service, you will have your own major cloud host which has redundant networks for local and global internet connectivity at a premium bandwidth. The many advantages brought about by cloud VPS, especially that which comes from UB Servers, had made the cloud a desirable and ideal partner. To any business, cost-effectiveness is very important. Any savings in cost spells additional income. The business can then purchase computing power that is commensurate to its needs. There is no wasted power and resources; with the proper load balance, the end-user or the business is assured of uninterrupted internet connection. The cloud VPS hosting company will only charge the client-business with the exact quantity of used computing power. This is tantamount to a “pay as you go” scheme for the traditional internet users. You are billed for what you use – a usage-based billing. With cloud hosting, availability is enhanced because the data can be moved from one of the servers to another. The number of servers will be compliant to the needs of the business or client and as a result, the website is always available. There will be no traffic, no slow internet and no downtime which in the final analysis will redound to the profitability of the company that is served by the cloud VPS. Cloud VPS hosting is usually equated to reliability. This emanates from the cloud feature of using a group of servers – instead of one. A business that makes use of this service will not encounter any offline situation because when the main server is down, one server from the cloud will step in. With cloud hosting, the business will have complete access to high quality servers that could hardly be done by another kind of hosting service. Another advantage can be traced from bandwidth. Take a scenario when your website is too high in traffic. Under the traditional system, your site will slow down thus reducing the performance. With cloud hosting, another server can pitch in to provide the needed extra resources to maintain the same site speed and performance. This feature eliminates the need to contact the host when additional bandwidth is needed in the course of the business. The other servers will be able to recognize the need and resources will be supplied to keep the site going at its fast pace. Huge firms with large websites now opt for the cloud VPS host. Choosing VPS hosting, there will be a large physical server that can be shared with some other virtual private servers. Cloud VPS gives guarantee that the business will enjoy maximum uptime along with an efficient control of traffic. With cloud hosting solutions, the client is assured of flexible, reliable and cost-effective hosting solutions. virtual private server | ubservers
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