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Verses on the Quran recitation

Date Added: December 27, 2010 07:49:32 AM
Author: Aena
Category: News & Media: Religion

“Our Lord! and raise up in them a Messenger from among them who shall recite to them Thy communications and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise”. Al-Baqara [2:129] The Quran recitation holds a lot of significance in the religion of Islam. It is a cause of many virtues for the Muslims. Following are the aspects of the Quran recitation, as explained by the Quran itself. The Quran recitation is taught by Allah Almighty Of course, the words in the Quran are the words of Allah Almighty. Angel Jibril used to do the Quran recitation for the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Allah Almighty has confirmed it in several verses, which are given below. “These are the communications of Allah which We recite to you with truth, and Allah does not desire any injustice to the creatures”. Aal-e-Imran [3:108] “These are the communications of Allah: We recite them to you with truth; and most surely you are (one) of the messengers”. Al-Baqara [2:252] “This We recite to you of the communications and the wise reminder.” Aal-e-Imran [3:58] In fact, it is a great privilege for the Muslims to learn the Quran recitation in the style of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) That style is called Tajweed and it requires proper classes to be learnt. People who do the Quran recitation are superior in the eyes of Allah Almighty The Quran clearly differentiates people who are on the right path for those who have gone astray. For the Quran recitation by the pious people, the Quran uses the following words. “They are not all alike; of the followers of the Book there is an upright party; they recite Allah's communications in the nighttime and they adore (Him).” Aal-e-Imran [3:113] The reward of the Quran recitation is immense in the hereafter If we consider the verse given below, we would immediately know how great a reward is that has been promised in the Quran for the people who recite Quran. “And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden barrier”. Al-Isra [17:45] The Quran recitation is encouraged in Islam Some people say that only reading the translation of the Quran is enough for the non-Arabs. They say that the Muslims have to transform their lives so they just need to grab the meanings of the Holy Quran to do that. However, the Quran itself encourages the recitation. The Arabic script is not hard to learn; only a good teacher is required. “And recite what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord, there is none who can alter His words; and you shall not find any refuge besides Him”. Al-Kahf [18:27] The manners of the Quran recitation Allah Almighty explains the code of conduct for the Muslims when they recite Quran. “So when you recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan”. An-Nahl [16:98]
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