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What Came First--the Brain or the Mind?

Date Added: January 17, 2011 12:21:17 AM
Author: Joseph
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

Summary: Sometimes one wonders if some people have either one. That also brings up the bewildering question as to whether the mind and the brain are separate entities. Article: Is one the result of the other or are they actually one another, together? Was the brain-mind created at conception, or before that in the egg or the sperm, or in both, or before that in the carriers of the egg and the sperm, or before that? All the way back to the beginning of life--maybe before that. Oh oh, chicken and egg, how complicated can this get? You cannot explore this subject without injecting religion? To those of us with enough of an open mind to dive into this conundrum taking a stab at religious beliefs often results in getting accused of being an Atheist by the believers. A lot of thinkers on this subject are simply Agnostic, they just do not have a single position--they just don't know, but would like to. So the question, what came first--the mind or the brain? If you follow religious theories you run into an entity known as the soul. Keep exploring the soul idea and because there is no physical proof anywhere about the existence of spirit you run into a brick wall called faith. In order to believe any religious dogma, any at all, even practices such as Buddhism, and because there are only hand me down stories passed down by mortal men which eventually turned into writings such as the bible, you must have faith in whoever started the religion, or simply the religion itself, or more often the writings themselves. What kind of a debate can you muster if the other debaters insist that their writings speak the truth based on--faith, and that's the end of it. So we look to the scientists, the searchers of physical proof. Of course they insist they are on the right track based on--mathematics. For those of us who look at a mathematical theory, and have no knowledge of what it is supposed to say, it just looks like gobbley-gook, a bunch of numbers and scribbles. But the scientists will insist that their scribbling's, writings, always tell the truth. You just have to believe that the disciplines they have developed, formulated and changed over time, and which are also written by mortal men are true--you have to have faith in mathematics--sounds familiar. The scientists spend millions of dollars on colliders several kilometers long and buried deep underground looking for answers. They smash the smallest particles known to man together at astronomical speeds. The only way they can see the result is a burn on a photographic plate or they end up with even smaller particles. They give them strange names like quark. Who thinks these things up? Now we are hearing about something called the God particle--what the hell is that?Ask a religious person which came first and the likely answer leans spiritual--soul = mind. Ask a scientific thinking person and they will likely fall to the biological theory. Chemical and electrical activity of the brain causes consciousness = mind. The thing is no one has any proof of anything. Religious dogma is based on stories and myths, no matter what the belief, and science seems to come to the same end--you must have faith and belief in whatever. The truth might be that we have yet to develop our still primitive brains, minds, to the point where the answer might become obvious. We just may not have evolved far enough to solve the mind brain conundrum. Chances are that if we continue to follow the violent path humans insist on taking we may never get to discover the intelligence that lies within us and that it may actually know the right answer. Author: Joseph N. Kolton is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, humorist, closet philosopher and the founder of myPhotoLottery.com and PhotoBraoniac.com, http://www.myphotolottery.com Copyright: you may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact.
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