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What Price Money?

Date Added: January 08, 2011 10:54:19 PM
Author: Joseph
Category: Blogs: Money

Summary: 'Money money money money, I do not necessarily think thee holy, but I often wonder how thou canst go out so fast when thou comest in so slowly,' Og Mandino. Og was a very wise man. Article: What price do you pay for money? Money is one of the strangest commodities on earth and the subject of thousands of writers and philosophers. What is it, and how is it that our very lives depend on a symbol injected into our society by mankind? We have plenty of history about how money came into our lives, but that is not the point of this article. The conundrum is, how did we become so reliant on money--to the point of life and death. Look at those who are driven by the need (read greed) for money. They will unhesitatingly kill their fellow man for money. People will steal, lie, cheat, commit fraud, and physically hurt others for money. Why is this? Those of faith insist that money should not be worshiped, money is not a God--is the Vatican a simple shed--no it is a powerful, wealthy symbol built with, you guessed it, money. Every religious organization on earth is always asking for more money, not more God, more money. Rich countries are rich because they have money. Poor countries are poor because they have no money. Rich people live well because they have lots of money. Poor people live in poverty because they have no money. People all over the world are dying daily because they have no money for proper medical treatment. And yet there is plenty of it around, but for some odd reason, those who have lots of it are reluctant to share what they worked so hard to get--they covet their money--does their money actually enslave them? Look at government, any government--they want money so badly that if you don't pay your taxes you could go to jail. The theft of money sometimes brings a more severe penalty than the physical abuse of a human being, rape for example. Thieves often draw more prison time than a pedophile, what's wrong with this picture? Families fall apart because of disputes over money. When lawyers sue, what do they sue for, *flour, no, money. Without conscience lawyers will destroy companies and other human beings for money. (*An aside, if they sued for flour someone will still have pay someone money to acquire the flour.) That brings up a question as old as time, how come some do and others don't have money? Who decides what each of us can have and can't have? Is having money an accident of birth, seems like it. Born in a modern western country and you have a chance to hoard this coveted symbol of--wealth? Born in some third world crap hole and your chances are nil--unless of course you are born to someone already wealthy, round and round we go. Back to the conundrum, how did we become so hooked on a physical symbol which we cannot seem to live without? It started out as a method to place a value on a commodity, a cow for example--for simplicity and ease of trade. But then what happened? Is it possible it was first used by some cunning nobility to enslave the population--have you noticed, we are all slaves to money, and even more so in modern society. Go ahead, try and survive without money. Even a backwoodsman has to sell his pelts for salt, it costs money. You have to work, why, because you need money to pay the rent and buy milk. If you don't work and don't pay your rent you will get kicked out. No money, no milk, death by starvation. We are slaves to our job or wherever it is that we have to do to get our money. Who is your slave keeper--the man / woman who has money to pay you money for whatever reason. As long as we are slaves to money we will never be free. Money money money money I do not necessarily think thee holy--what the hell is going on here anyway? We just don't know, do we?
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