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Why You Don’t Need a Website

Date Added: February 09, 2011 08:32:38 AM
Author: Yogesh Patel
Category: Computers and Internet

Yes, that's right, your eyes aren't deceiving you; the title does indeed read "you don't need a website". You see, in the present day, it is better not to have a website at all, rather than have a substandard website that misrepresents your business. So many organisations spend a heap of money on the interior of their business premises or shop floor, yet put up a cheap looking DIY style website on the internet. Your Website is The Customer’s First Port of CallYour website exists to interact virtually with potential customers who find your business on the internet. Rather than phoning or calling into your premises to find out about your services, a potential customer will visit your website as the first port of call. In essence, the website is a very large, detailed business card. Presenting Your Company to the WorldWhen putting your business on display to potentially millions of people, the last thing you want to show them is a dated website built in the 90s or even pre 2005. Web design and modern day internet standards have moved on considerably in the last few years. An ancient website gives the reader the impression that your company is lazy, old fashioned and disorganised. A shoddy looking website suggests the services of your company will deliver similar results. You need to demonstrate to your target audience that the mindset and skills of your company are modern, even if the service you provide is based on skills from decades past. Avoiding a Bad ReputationIn the celebrity world bad promotion can often work in one’s favour, but unfortunately this doesn’t ring true for website design. Bad promotion through a poor quality, outdated website will repel potential customers. It isn’t just about losing sales; it is about the knock on effect of a bad impression. The internet community is well connected. If your website looks cheap and poorly constructed it reflects negatively on your business practice. People with a shared interest in your industry will discuss your inadequacies and often leave negative comments in forums and on blogs. A bad reputation spreads like wildfire, and once your reputation is tarnished it will cost a lot of money spent on advertising to reverse. Better to invest properly in a website from the start rather than have to spend money clawing back your reputation at a later date. Achieving an Admirable Brand ImpressionA website conveys the ‘core story’ of a brand. Attached to a brand are the values of a company, the style of conducting business, the level of professionalism and essentially the complete personality of the organisation. When designing the brand of your website you need to consider the following things.• The Logo:The logo is the silent voice of your business. The logo should appeal to the type of customer you want to attract and correctly sell the image of your company. • The Colour Scheme:Once your logo is in place, the colour scheme of your website should compliment and blend appropriately with your logo. There is nothing more unprofessional than having the logo and the colour scheme of your website clash. Not everything has to be colour coded, but ensure that the uniform of the site is pleasing to the eye.• Images:Images need to be appropriate and compliment the website. Images should seamlessly blend into a page rather than distracting the user from more important aspects of the content. Images should be neutral and leave no room for negative interpretation or association by the viewer.• Video Content:When using video content be sure to use quality recordings. Amateur phone footage or webcam recordings will reflect badly on the company. All content on your website should be of a high professional standard.• Textual CompositionA large aspect of your branding strategy is the implementation of effective copywriting. The copy on your website provides the tone of your brand. For example, a music related website might have a cool, friendly, perhaps conversational tone, whereas a financial services website may choose to employ a corporate approach with a fair amount of industry related technical wording. Instani is an innovative web design company. Instani provides creative, cost effective, latest and innovative Website Design, SEO and E commerce services to across the world.
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