Important tips for renting a car in Costa Rica

There are many places to explore in South America, especially Costa Rica. When moving about the country, it can be daunting sometimes, but with a good car, things are better.

While many roads are great and smooth, you will need to rent durable and comfortable cars to explore many places in the city. Before renting a car in Costa Rica, here are some vital information to keep in mind.

Reasons to hire a car in Costa Rica ?

While renting a car anywhere in the world can be stressful, it is necessary to be able to decide to increase your comfort when doing so. Visitors and tourists need to understand some important tips for renting a car in costa rica to be able to have a stress-free stay in the country.

Moreover, using public transport in the country can be intimidating especially if you are new to the city, your best bet is to hire a car. Local buses can also be late, making you miss deadlines. Furthermore, there are many places in the country where you can only visit in a car.

So, how will you enjoy your stay if you don’t hire a car? While you can use a chauffeur, they are expensive and only drive along the main roads. If you are a solo tourist, it doesn’t make financial sense to use these options, renting a good vehicle will take you to many places.

About car rent policies in Costa Rica

In the country, all car liability insurance is controlled by the government via the Instituto Nacional de seguno. They have mandated all drivers to use valid insurance policies like third party policies and comprehensive car insurance.

You will need it to cover all damages that might occur on your own. Most car rental agencies have insurance policies which can help you move easily around the country. There are also known documents which you will need like Collision Damage Wavers.

Why do you need a 4X4 car in Costa Rica ?

A 4×4 car remains the best choice when moving on Costa Rica roads. Major roads are in great condition in Costa Rica, so you can use a sedan, Hyundai or other 2WD cars. However, there are some roads, which can only be accessed with 4WD.

Moreover, with the rainy season approaching, it will become more difficult for 2WD and 3WD to move easily in the waters. This is true especially from June to the beginning of November. Those whose destinations are around Monteverde or Osa Peninsula will need good four-wheeled driver cars because many roads around there are unpaved.

What is required when renting cars in Costa Rica ?

When seeking a car hire in the country, an active driving permit is required. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the country’s own, as many car rental agencies accept your country’s license. However, ensure it is genuine and clear.

Additionally, have your international passport with you when renting a car. This is to show you enter Costa Rica legally. You will also need to prove you are above 21 years before any vehicle can be hired.

Costa Rica remains a place to visit and enjoy your vacation. When visiting, renting a car is crucial for better comfort and safety.