Is it safe to drive around Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the leading countries with unlimited tourist attraction sites; the country receives visitors from different parts of the world. It is hard to access some attraction sites with ordinary vehicles. You need great cars, so Do you need an SUV to drive around Costa Rica? Yes, you need an SUV vehicle if you are determined to visit and explore the unique sites. In this post, you will learn the importance of hiring an SUV in Costa Rica.

Comfy and Convenience

Adventure is always enjoyable when it is all about travelling long distances. In Costa Rica, tourists drive away from big cities to surf towns like Puerto Viejo. It will be hard to reach such towns if your vehicle doesn’t have enough space to hold all the luggage required for the vacation.

An SUV has enough space to carry all your items from mountain bikes to surfing boards and still has a precious space to take your nap. Space is not about an individual; it is all about a group; it should be enough for stretching out.


Road accidents are on the rise, especially on muddy roads; even on regular roads, they occur. To avoid this misfortune, you will need a vehicle that will enhance your safety on the roads, and only an SUV can do it all. An SUV is a big vehicle that is fancy airbags and additional horsepower.

The country tends to receive a high amount of rainfall from October to December, which is dangerous to drive to during such a season. As there are a lot of mudslides and floods, it will be tough to drive with regular vehicles. Driving an SUV guarantees you a safe arrival at your destination.

Road Situations

Costa Rica has had challenges over the past years when it comes to infrastructure. In some parts of Costa Rica, you will experience smooth roads, but you get to encounter bumpy roads as you drive. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with additional spaces and high clearance to make a difference. Avoid rough rides by going around with an SUV vehicle.


Saves Money

Individuals tend to go for the small vehicles thinking the entire journey will be cheap, but this is not the case as the total cost tends to be high. As discussed earlier, places with the best adventures require long driving hours; this means you will have to incur many costs on gas to cover the whole distance. During rainy seasons the known road routes, which are quick and free from traffic, become more complicated.

Additionally, the roads might end up causing more damage to your vehicle. Such scenarios make individuals with small cars use long diversions. Avoid all this by choosing a bigger vehicle that can cruise through despite the weather. Always remember that big cars with big engines are often used compared to the small ones for long-distance trips. Using such big cars as SUVs saves money twice as much as small ones.

Final Verdicts

Thinking of an adventure vacation, Costa Rica is the place, as it has many attraction sites. Visiting these beautiful sites will be hard if you don’t have an SUV vehicle. Therefore, for the best experience on your vacation, you need an SUV vehicle.