How to protect cables from external damage ?

cable cover is an important product for event management that are mainly used to protect wires and cables in outdoor and indoor applications by covering them. At Sino concept, you will receive the best supplies of cable covers and ramps made from rubber without having to compromise its resistance. The cable protectors and wire covers are perfect for both temporary and permanent management of the cables adding them more years of lasting.

1. How are cable covers designed?

At the Sino concept, the cable covers are designed with joined handles so as to provide the perfect and secured grip at events or worksites. We are also equipped with careful controlled qualities and top selected rubber materials used by any professional wishing to protect and cover cables. With these designs, many cord and cable protectors are mostly used by various businesses like; public companies, used on rental companies on their construction equipment, and traffic management companies.

2. Where to apply cable covers.

Besides using it on outdoor applications, most of our heavy-duty cable covers can be used for indoor applications like sports or music events and industrial applications in warehouses and factories. The cover works in;
• Covering as many cables as the channels available.
• As a speed cushion in reducing the speed of vehicles as it protects the cables under the plastic cover.
Thanks to our knowledge of rubber materials, all covers for cables are produced to allow them to last even with harsh climatic conditions. This automatically makes it the best choice for both long and short term industrial service management activities.


2. Why choose the Sino concept as your supplier.

Sino concept is filled with intel on how to protect a cable and the experience of manufacturing it. Any cable or cord requires a vulcanized cable ramp to guarantee the safety of the cables. In addition, the Sino concept produces all its covers with a textured non-slip surface which permits rubber ramps in withstanding frequent vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This is advantageous because it reduces and prevents accidents caused by pedestrians slipping or motorists and cyclists.
If you are in a temporary or an event roadwork sector you are advised to delimit and protect your work zones with steel galvanized crowd barriers which offer maximum protection. With the covers on your cables, all vehicles tend to slow down as it continues to reduce traffic from pedestrians. The raised part at the centre forces drivers and road users to slow down and check their speed limit.

Final thoughts.

Using covers to protect your cables and wires, whether indoor or outdoor is very important as it helps them last longer while they withstand harsh climatic conditions. Buying your materials from the right companies determines whether you’ll be receiving quality material. Sino concept supplies you with the best materials that guarantee long term years of survival, with most of their product being galvanized with steel to offer maximum protection. This saves you a lot as it reduces your cost of daily repair. It also offers various industrial ramps that will surely match the needs of the user who’s looking to manage his cables. In case of doubts, reach out and we’ll help you find the best material for your need.